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Securing a Patent, Trademark and a Copyright Attorney

Anyone looking to protect a patent, trademark and/or a copyright will want to find some professional help.  But choosing the right patent, trademark or copyright attorney can seem a daunting task, given how many there are to choose from.  Outlining your needs will give you a better idea who you need to talk to.

A copyright attorney specializes in issues that pertain to published material.  This can include just about any type of art or literature, as well as created materials that don't bear much resemblance to either.  Between a patent, trademark and a copyright, copyrights are among the most often abused overseas, and it would do you good to find a copyright attorney that is well versed in the law of whatever country you believe your copyrights are being attacked from.  There are also copyright attorneys that specialize in particular types of material, such as film or fine art.

However, those looking to protect a patent, wouldn't find the talents of a copyright attorney very useful.  Between a patent, trademark and a copyright, patents are among the most technically complex.  Finding an attorney that understands not only patent law and dealing with the patent office but also, has the technical understanding to grasp just what it is you're trying to protect in the first place.  Like copyright attorneys, patent attorneys often specialize in a particular type of patent law, such as mechanical devices or plant patents.

Between a patent trademark and a copyright, trademarks are the most subtle.  These ideas words and image that are part of a corporate and public persona are ruled by various international bodies that have a great impact on the nature of multi-national business.  Again, like a copyright attorney, trademark lawyers very often specialize in a certain type of trademark, or a particular type of corporate model.  Unlike defending a copyright, an attorney defending trademarks must be well-versed in international commerce law.

Together, a patent, trademark and a copyright all come down to the same thing:  intellectual property (IP).  There's nothing quite like a good idea to get people interested, and when interested, your IPs are in danger.  Having an attorney assist you in filing the right paperwork initially can help guard against attack, but the right patent, trademark or copyright attorney can also help you take would be IP thieves on in a court of law.

Detailing the fundamental nature of your IP will help you choose the right attorney.  And choosing the right attorney, with whom you feel comfortable with and have confidence in, will help you deflect infringements upon your IPs.  A patent, trademark and a copyright attorney that fits your need exactly is waiting to hear from you.

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