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Protecting Yourself Against Copyright Infringement Without Going Broke

As soon as you file a copyright petition, it becomes your job to defend against copyright infringement.  This is true for both copyright, patents and trademarks, though copyright seems to be the most common type requiring an attorney.  Patent, trademark and copyright law is such that as the accuser, it's your job to prove the case.  Keeping yourself from going broke when fighting copyright infringement is part active defence and part good planning.

When starting out, you'll need to decide whether you'll simply publish or seek copyright recognition from the patent office.  You can find out with the help of an attorney.  Patent, trademark and copyright law issues includes finding someone who will assist you in preparing a copyright strategy that will maximize your returns while minimizing your liabilities.  Copyright infringement begins with making sure your application is clear and free.  If you have no intention of defending your copyright, then your attorney may suggest a different licensing scheme that lets others know you take the formal copyrights you hold seriously.

Once you've decided on a course of action with your attorney, patent, trademark and copyright law becomes a matter of defence.  It is not the patent office's duty to protect against copyright infringement, only keeping it on record.  Since the first step in defending against copyright infringements is to actually look for them, you can determine how much you care to look. 

Ask any attorney; patent, trademark and copyright law favours those who keep good records.  As such, your lawyer will help you amass a file of records about your copyright that will stand up to any scrutiny.  The best position in a copyright infringement lawsuit (no matter what side you're on) is a good, solid defence. 

Since copyright infringement is typically a matter for civil rather than criminal courts, one typically sues for damages if it is determined that your advisory is clearly and demonstrably in the wrong, has enough money to pay damages, and you can demonstrate said damages.  When you retain an specialist attorney in patent trademark and copyright law, you'll be able to determine your chances of winning a given case

Not defending against copyright infringement at all is simply asking for it.  However, you should pick the ventures that will save (or gain you) you the most money.  When searching for a competent attorney, patent, trademark and copyright law are similar in that they all represent different intellectual properties (IP).  Protecting your IPs from copyright infringement is always a chore, but having your ducks in a row, from your attorney to  patent, trademark and copyright law will keep expenses down.

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